QuickShader 0.1.5 Beta

It took a while, but it was pretty intense year for me. Don’t have as much free time as before, so I probably won’t be posting much (I wasn’t anywany!), but hey! Here we go… QuickShader 0.1.5 with cube map

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QuickShader 0.1.4 Beta

This time I spend some time adding file browser for textures and shader files. It was quite irritating especially for textures to specify their names by hand, so I had to fix this. Along with this I added support for

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QuickShader 0.1.3 Beta

Code is still quite messy, but I’m refactoring each time I’m changing/fixing/adding some stuff. This time I did major changes to GUI code. Basicaly I switched to newer 1.7 version of Awesomium html UI library. Before I used ver. 1.6

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QuickShader 0.1.2a Beta (editor update)

This time I spend some time fixing many some memory leaks. For that I used Visual Leak Detector which is really great as it shows you the stack of calls down to the leak. But most of the time I

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QuickShader 0.1.1 Beta (unicode update!)


>> see below for update note

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Hello 3D World!

Hi, there! Welcome to my home site. You will find here all kind of stuff related to computer graphics (mostly programmable) and games development.

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