QuickShader 0.1.2a Beta (editor update)

This time I spend some time fixing many some memory leaks. For that I used Visual Leak Detector which is really great as it shows you the stack of calls down to the leak.

But most of the time I spend in JavaScript dealing with the shader editor. Now when writing your code you can simply hit ctrl+s to save the document rather than hitting Save button, which was quite annoying. Also if you try to close the window with changes, you’ll be notified about it. So shader editor acts more like a proper text editor now.

[see edit note] I’m aware of the scrolls issue, when they hide last line of code and dont act as they should sometimes. I will fix it next time, as well as give the window ability to resize.

Changes since last release:

  • (shader editor) ctrl+s to save a file
  • (shader editor) changed files marked with asterisk
  • (shader editor) prompt when closing unsaved file
  • fixed some memory leaks
  • other small fixes


I manage to fix the problem with last line not showing in the editor by updating Codemirror to version 2.38 (it’s the latest 2.X release. There is also new 3.X but it’s not compatible with awesomium 1.6 somehow), so I replaced previous release 0.1.2 with 0.1.2a.

For information about this project go to QuickShader project page.

DOWNLOAD: QuickShader Beta | Documentation
(Be sure that your graphic card support OpenGL 4.0!)

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