QuickShader 0.1.3 Beta

Code is still quite messy, but I’m refactoring each time I’m changing/fixing/adding some stuff. This time I did major changes to GUI code. Basicaly I switched to newer 1.7 version of Awesomium html UI library. Before I used ver. 1.6 with plain C interface, but only because C++ version wasn’t supported in VS 2012. Now with 1.7 everything is ‘Object Oriented’ so programming became a bit smoother.

This is a first step to update to C++11 standard. I still need to update some other libraries before going ‘modern’ but I belive it won’t take long.

The most visible change in this release is the ability to resize shader editor window. It also adapts to the main window so it wont go outside of its boundries.

All changes in this release:

  • starting with maximized window
  • update of awesomium ui library to
  •  (shader editor) resizable windows, with self-adaptation to main window boundries
  •  (object properties) shader index displayed as numeric object
  •  uniforms for points positions are now updated correctly after point deletion, last unused points are reset to position 0,0,0
  •  fixed GUI not showing at the start in some cases (needed to hit F3 to show)

For information about this project go to QuickShader project page.

DOWNLOAD: QuickShader Beta | Documentation
(Be sure that your graphic card support OpenGL 4.0!)

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