QuickShader 0.1.4 Beta

This time I spend some time adding file browser for textures and shader files. It was quite irritating especially for textures to specify their names by hand, so I had to fix this. Along with this I added support for subfolders in repository directory so similar effects, models and textures can now be grouped together. It also works for defining shader file by hand – you can specify i.e. “Foo\FooV.glsl” and it will create subfolder “Foo” for you.

Aside from this I spend a lot of time learning DirectX. There is quite nice tutorial at http://www.rastertek.com/tutindex.html. The reason for this (besides from wanting to know the API) is that I want to implement global illumination technique: Interactive Indirect Illumination Using Voxel Cone Tracing described in OpenGL Insight (yes I want to do this in DirectX). I guess it will take a while before I will be able to implement this but I really want to ;). Next post may be a review of this technique so stay tuned!

Changes for this release of QuickShader:

  • file browser for textures and shader files (Windows default one)
  • subfolders support for repositories
  • more buttons highlighting
  • fixed starting with maximized window (wasn’t always working)
  • fixed (hopefully) app crash when there was high load on system and app was loading slowly
  • other small improvements and fixes

DOWNLOAD: QuickShader Beta | Documentation
(Be sure that your graphic card support OpenGL 4.0!)

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