QuickShader 0.1.5 Beta

It took a while, but it was pretty intense year for me. Don’t have as much free time as before, so I probably won’t be posting much (I wasn’t anywany!), but hey! Here we go… QuickShader 0.1.5 with cube map support is out. You can now attach cube maps to texture units. I haven’t tested it as much as I probably should, but I think it’s pretty stable.

Important thing to notice is that with this release points are now giving position in view space. Because of this, shaders that you may have written in previous version may require some changes (quick solution would be to multiply points by inverse of view matrix). Reason for this change was to make loops over many lights in fragment shader easier and more efficient. Sorry for inconvenience, but keep in mind that this is beta, so a lot can change in future.

Here are all the changes and fixes in this release:

  • cube map support
  • IMPORTANT: points are now giving position in view space (helps with multiple lights in fragment shader, shaders from previous versions may require update)
  • disabled back face culling
  • enabled programable point size
  • scene ‘save as’ button
  • fixed shift key causing problems in text editor with selection
  • fixed deleting texture units issue
  • full support for VS 2012 (source)

I think that there is something wrong with PN-Triangles shaders. Will have to look at it.

Download links in project page

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