QuickShader 0.1.1 Beta (unicode update!)

>> see below for update note <<

This is my attempt to make 3D effects programming easier. Hope you will like it!

QuickShader is a program that allows you to write and test shaders without creating your own rendering engine. Using this tool you can quickly create multiple graphic effects (i.e. phong lighting/shading, normal mapping, parallax occlusion mapping, pn-triangles and many more) that are used in modern games and simulations. Unfortunately program is restricted to shaders only, single pass pipelined effects. Effects based on postprocessing, blending, cubemapping and other techniques are currently unavailable (are planned for future releases).

Main features:

  • opensource
  • OpenGL 4.0 GLSL (DirectX 11 HLSL version planned)
  • forward rendering engine
  • physics (Bullet Physics Library)
  • integrated text editor for shaders (CodeMirror)
  • bloom/glow (as built-in effect)


All resources (shaders, 3d models, textures) must be stored inside Resources\”TYPE_OF_RESOURCE” folders (subfolders currently not supported).

Have fun testing. Just keep in mind that this is Beta and still needs a lot of work. I decided to publish it at this stage because it’s working and can be of use. Documentation will be available soon in the projects section, but i think that most of the features and shader globals can be deduced. BTW i got my master’s degree thanks to it ;).

DOWNLOAD: QuickShader Beta | Documentation
(Be sure that your graphic card support OpenGL 4.0!)

PS. Dont write infinite loops! 😀


Since 0.1.1 is just a small update of the 0.1, I decided to edit this post insteed of writing a new one.

  • unicode support!!! (as shown in the image below) – yea I know that it should be in initial release
  • application don’t crash when it tries to load a model from a scene file that doesn’t exist in the repository
  • no convex size is displayed for mesh convex type in physics properties


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