QuickShader – GLSL Shader Editor

QuickShader 0.1.5 Beta

OpenGL 4, GLSL shader editor

Download: windows x86 | source code | documentation

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QuickShader is a GLSL shader editor program that makes shaders programming quick and easy. Using this tool you can quickly create many shaders based effects (i.e. phong lighting/shading, normal mapping, parallax occlusion mapping, pn-triangles and many more) that are used in modern games and simulations. Unfortunately program is restricted to shaders only, single pass pipelined effects. Effects based on postprocessing, blending and other techniques are currently unavailable (are planned for future releases).

Main features:

  • Opensource
  • OpenGL\GLSL 4.0 – all 5 basic shader stages are programmable through builtin text editor
  • User difined uniforms (float uniforms controled with slider with min-max-step values)
  • Phisics – collision detection with 4 different convex shapes
  • Mesh loader – many formats are supported but obj is the most stable at the moment
  • Points – dynamicaly added to scene (array of vec3 uniforms that can be treated as lights)
  • Cube mapping
  • Bloom – as builtin effect
  • Resizable GUI (ctrl+scroll)
  • Six effects already inside:
    • Basic Effect(Lambert/Phong)
    • Normal Mapping
    • Parallax Occlusion Mapping
    • Displacement Mapping
    • PN-Triangles
    • Phong Tessellation


All resources (shaders, 3d models, textures) must be stored inside Resources\”TYPE_OF_RESOURCE” folders.

Also please be sure not to place application within directory that has ‘#’ sign in the path, as interface may not show.